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Saving Lettuce Seeds from Hydroponically grown Chadwick's Rodan Lettuce.  Seeds From BAKER CREEK SEED COMPANY in Mansfield, Missouri.

Part One:
Part Two:


Name: Chadwick's Rodan Lettuce
Seed Co:  Baker Creek Seed Company
Website:  Rareseeds.com

  This variety was developed by the legendary Alan Chadwick, the English leader of the organic movement in the early 1970's. Green, loose-leaf heads are tinged in bright red. They are quite compact and perfect for small gardens. We are delighted to offer an historical lettuce that is also quite tasty.
How It Was Grown: 
QUANTUM BAD BOY T5, 4', 8 Bulb using a mixed spectrum of Grow Bulbs(6400k) and Bloom Bulbs(2900K) for maximum spectral coverage. 

Hydroponics System

Emily's Garden by Hydrofarm.  The Emily's Garden is a table top Deep Water Culture(DWC) hydroponics system. 


The Base Nutrient used was the Pure Blend Pro Grow Solution by Botanicare.  It was amended with their products(All products used at their recommended Level):


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