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Day 8:  Happy Thanksgiving!!
Came in today before stuffing my face and being couch locked.  Everything looking healthy, a little dry but that is to be expected as the seedlings continue to drink and the light causes evaporation.  Also i only spray them down with enough water to wet the cubes to avoid over saturation.  Started to heavy spray on the cubes that have not sprouted yesterday and i believe it added the extra oomph it needed to spur the sprout.  4 more plugs sprouted.  Only two plugs are not showing signs of life at this point.  Couldn't be happier with the success rate.  One of the seedlings went from just purging out of the seed to an explosive growth rate. 

This is the heavy direct spray i was referring to above.  I believe its giving the seed the extra water it needed to sprout.  The water being mixed with the Ful-Power is having a serious effect on the germination success.

I proceeded to water the rest of the plugs like i have been doing.
Look at the little sprout two rows down, one column in from the left. She shot up over night.
After spraying remember to leave them out of direct light to avoid foliage burning.

Day 9:  Growing On
Everything still looking Happy.  Two plugs still not showing life.  Went on with the heavy spraying of the non sprouting plugs.  Even some of the seeds that were planted shallow and just on top of the cube are starting to sprout.  Gave them a Ful-Power Spray as usual.

Day 10:  Loving Light

Day 11:  Steady as she Grows
Not much to report today as these little lady's are chugging right along.  Cubes look a little more dried out then yesterday.  I Gave them a light spray today.

After Spray:
Good top view:
Day 12:  Hello Ladies
Everything looking healthy plugs are drying up nicely overnight.  The last seed that popped is coming up nicely.  Only one plug not really doing anything.  Giving them another Ful Power mist today.  As you noticed by now i am hitting them with a Ful-Power spray almost everyday.

Day 13:  Transplant Eminent
Cubes looking a little dry as usual.  The sprouts are starting to look a little pale.  They are about ready for transplant.  Don't want to hit them with nutrient yet because they still might be a little frail.  However i will have to do this within the next week.

After Spray with Ful-Power.

Day 14:  Week Two closing out strong!!
Came in this morning and the cubes are looking slightly thirsty.  After the spray yesterday the sprouts never came back to standing straight up.  This is a good sign as it means they are getting real leggy.  This means they are really almost ready for transplant.  I like to let them get leggy as possible while they are still in the cubes so they will not get leggy once they are transplanted.  Proceeded to give them their daily watering.

After Spray

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